How Locksmiths Do so Much More Than Lockout Services


When you think of a locksmith, you may only think of using them if you are locked out of your vehicle or home and need to get inside. However, locksmiths offer so much more than help in an emergency. Here are some reasons to keep a locksmith in mind in the future.  Lock Re-Keying Have you ever bought a home and were told to change all of the locks? If so, you don't need to head out to the home improvement store and buy all new locks.

27 November 2019

3 Reasons to Get a Duplicate Key for Your Teen's Car


The average teenage driver will not pick up a fancy ride for their first vehicle, and it is not uncommon for this first car to only come with one key or one set of keys. As proud as your new driver may be to have this set of keys to their very first car, it really is a good idea to pick up a duplicate set by visiting your local locksmith.

28 February 2019

Automotive Lock Problems You May Encounter


Automotive lock problems can pose a major hindrance to your day, and they can make it impossible for you to be able to effectively protect your vehicle. While most drivers will rarely give their locks any thought, there are a few problems that they may encounter that should be addressed by a professional. Misaligned Locks Over the course of time, one of the more common and unavoidable problems that your locks may experience is a misalignment.

23 December 2018

Is Your Business Completely Protected? Three Safes You May Need


Every business has important physical assets they need to protect. The smart business owner does what they can to keep their building, equipment, and vehicles secure, but many forget to protect smaller but valuable assets in a safe. Here are three types of safes your business may need. Deposit Safes Even with more and people using their debit cards, most businesses generate at least some cash each day. That money needs to be secured at the close of each business day and entrusting an employee with the responsibility of getting it to the bank isn't a risk most employers—or employees—want to take.

5 November 2018

Keeping A Loved One With Dementia Safe: Four Home Security Upgrades To Consider


When a loved one begins showing the signs of dementia or Alzheimer's disease, your family may want to help him or her stay at home for as long as possible. Fortunately, there are a few security upgrades you can use to make living at home a bit safer. Here are some options to discuss with your locksmith. Smart Cameras Smart camera systems let you watch a live feed of activity in the home from your mobile device.

24 April 2018

Protecting Your Property


If you are becoming more and more worried about the possibility of your home falling victim to a criminal, then the time has come for you to really take your home's security seriously. You can only do this if you know what it is that you are supposed to be paying attention to. This article will do a good job of helping you spot weaknesses in your home's security. Dark areas provide cover for trespassers: If there are dark spots in your yard that are near any of the entrances, then these areas make good spots for trespassers to lie in waiting until they feel it is safe for them to try to break in.

6 February 2018

How To Fix Push Button Knob Locks


A push button door knob lock is commonly installed on the inside of office doors or bedroom doors for privacy, and they don't require a key, but most have a spare key. However, you may find them not working properly, which compromises security. These tips will help you fix your push button door knob lock. Prepare to Fix the Lock To fix the push button lock, gather: rags Phillips screwdriver flat-blade screwdriver or small hammer flat-edge jeweler's screwdriver old toothbrush Allen wrench paper clip or hairpin acetone graphite  Test the knob by wiggling it to see if it will come loose.

23 January 2018

2 Reasons To Consider Upgrading To A High-Tech Lock


Considering an upgraded lock for your home is a great opportunity to try out some of the many high-tech locking mechanisms that are now available. These locking mechanisms are now able to incorporate everything from smartphone apps to fingerprint scanners in order to make your home more secure and convenient. Here are two reasons to consider upgrading to a high-tech lock. These Locks Can Make Your Life A Lot Easier

22 January 2018

Increase Your Home's Security By Having Your Old Locks Replaced Or Rekeyed


You know you should change the locks on your doors when you move into a new home, but it's also a good idea to change them every few years after you've lived in the home since you may have lost keys, given copies to friends, or made copies for contractors. Having keys to your home floating around out there creates a security risk. When you want to make your locks more secure, you can replace the locks entirely or just have them rekeyed.

21 January 2018

Increasing Security Around Your Swimming Pool


Having a swimming pool can be a great way to relax with family and friends, but as a homeowner, you'll want to make sure you can adequately secure the area when you aren't swimming. This can help prevent potential accidents and drownings, particularly from neighborhood children who might sneak into your pool when no one else is around. Here are a few ways your residential locksmith can help you secure the area around your pool.

19 January 2018