How Transponder Keys Are Improving Vehicle Security


The transponder key has been developed with the use of modern technology to provide a better alternative to a regular car key. Most modern vehicles require the use of transponder keys to start their engines and lock and unlock the doors. Many drivers have come to appreciate using transponder keys for their ease of use and the additional security that they provide.

How Transponder Keys Work

transponder key consists of a small, handheld device with a computer chip that locks and unlocks a vehicle's doors with the push of a button. Transponder keys can also be used to open vehicle trunks without having to insert any keys into the locks. A vehicle that has been programmed to work with a transponder key won't be able to start without using the corresponding key. 

When the button on the transponder key is pushed, a radio signal is sent to a remote receiver to make the vehicle perform the desired function. Accurate transponder key programming ensures that the transponder key is compatible with the vehicle.

No More Fidgeting with Keys in Locks

Trying to unlock a car door by inserting a key into the lock can be a cumbersome ordeal. If the inside of the lock is frozen because of the cold outdoor temperature, the key may be nearly impossible to turn and can break if too much pressure is applied. The paint near a lock may also get scratched because of poor visibility when trying to insert the key at night. Transponder keys prevent these problems by eliminating the necessity of inserting keys into locks and instead can be operated by pushing a button.  

Reduces the Chances of Vehicle Theft

Standard vehicle locks are much easier to pick, and clever car thieves know how to hotwire most standard lock-and-key ignitions to start the vehicle's engine. Transponder keys make these tasks nearly impossible for thieves and have worked well to lower the number of auto thefts. Transponder key programming prohibits anyone from starting the engine if the corresponding transponder key isn't used. 

Locks Doors All at Once

Another security issue that often arises is when drivers forget to lock certain vehicle doors, which can increase the chances of vehicle break-ins and theft. When the lock button is pushed on a transponder key, all vehicle doors can be locked at once so that there will be no need to check to see if each individual door is locked. 

Transponder keys have revolutionized the ways that drivers operate their vehicles. Transponder key programming ensures better protection of vehicles and enhances driver and passenger convenience.


16 December 2020

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