Four Ways A Locksmith Can Help Make Your Business More Secure


If you're a business owner, consider adding a locksmith to your list of important business associates. Locksmiths can offer many services to help you protect your business location, the assets on site, and your employees. This article will cover four critical services they can provide to you. 

1: A Locksmith Can Service the Locks

You'll have various needs regarding your business locks. If a lock breaks, the locksmith can repair or replace it. When an ex-employee refuses to turn in a key, the locksmith can re-key the lock. If you've had a break-in, the locksmith can help secure the premises by repairing or replacing damaged locks on short notice. 

2: The Locksmith Can Install an Access Control System

If you want more control over the business space, the locksmith can install an access control system. A popular one is the key fob access system. This allows staff to enter doors by tapping the key fob against the reader, which grants them access to approved areas. Some advantages of an access control system include: 

  • Designate which employees have access to different areas 
  • Monitor employee movements within the business space
  • Set timers that allow employees in areas during specific times
  • Keep a full log of employee movements for increased security
  • Quickly deny access to any lost or stolen fobs
  • Integrate the access control system with other security systems
  • Link the system to CCTV for additional security

3: The Locksmith Can Install and Service a Safe

Having a safe in your business will help with security. Whether that safe gets used for cash or important documents, you'll want it to be the right size and type. The locksmith can assess your needs, help you choose the best safe, and install it. 

4: The Locksmith Can Install a Security System

The locksmith can do a walkthrough with you and assess the security needs of your business. Once they determine weaknesses and other areas of concern, they can install the right security system. You can get a system installed that you can monitor and control remotely. This helps you keep your business secure no matter where you are. 


Now that you understand how helpful a locksmith can be to your business, you'll want to keep their contact information readily available. Also, make a note of their hours and see if they have a 24-hour number you can call if you need something during their after-hours. Contact a locksmith for more information. 


6 April 2023

Improving Business Security

There are a lot of things that I am incredibly patient with, but employee theft is not one of those things. Unfortunately, a few months ago I discovered that some of my employees were stealing, and it was really difficult to cope with. I knew that I had to do something to tighten things up, so I began going through and thinking about different ways to eliminate the issue. After improving record keeping and focusing on building security, things got a lot better really fast. I wanted to start a blog all about improving business so that you would know how to keep your company safe.