How Locksmiths Do so Much More Than Lockout Services


When you think of a locksmith, you may only think of using them if you are locked out of your vehicle or home and need to get inside. However, locksmiths offer so much more than help in an emergency. Here are some reasons to keep a locksmith in mind in the future. 

Lock Re-Keying

Have you ever bought a home and were told to change all of the locks? If so, you don't need to head out to the home improvement store and buy all new locks. You can actually have a locksmith re-key all of the locks in your home so that they don't use the same key. This can even be done to sync all of the locks in your home to the same key. 

Safe Security

You may not think of using a locksmith to secure your safe, but this is one area where they specialize. A safe won't do you much good if someone can take the safe out of your home and break into it at their own convenience. A locksmith can actually help secure a safe so that it is not going anywhere. 

Security System Installation

A locksmith can even help with installing a security system in your home. This is more common for commercial use than residential use, where security systems can be a bit more complicated than just setting up some sensors on your main doors. They can help you out by installing things like sensors that detect glass breaking, which will work together with the security cameras to keep your property safe. 

Lock Repair

It's possible that you have a lock in your home or business that is not working like it once did. The locking cylinder may be getting worn down and not catching the keys when inserted. You may have had a key break off in a lock and make it so that you cannot use it anymore. These are problems that a locksmith can help with by repairing the lock.

Electronic Entry Systems

Want to install a more complicated entry system, such as one that uses touchless key fobs that can unlock a door? This is another type of security system that can be installed by a locksmith. They can supply the equipment, install the system, and help you with programming it. This is a great alternative for businesses where you want to grant and restrict access to a building, but don't want to constantly deal with changing the locks. 

To learn more about the different ways a locksmith can help you, you can contact a residential locksmith in your area today. 


27 November 2019

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