Keeping A Loved One With Dementia Safe: Four Home Security Upgrades To Consider


When a loved one begins showing the signs of dementia or Alzheimer's disease, your family may want to help him or her stay at home for as long as possible. Fortunately, there are a few security upgrades you can use to make living at home a bit safer. Here are some options to discuss with your locksmith.

Smart Cameras

Smart camera systems let you watch a live feed of activity in the home from your mobile device. This can provide you with added peace of mind when you can't be there to care for your loved one. You can peek in to make sure he or she is sleeping soundly, or you can use the live feed to make sure that your loved one hasn't fallen or become otherwise injured.

Window And Door Alarms

If you live in the home with your loved one, consider adding window and door alarms. These alarms emit a signal whenever the doors or windows are opened, and they can be powered off during the day when you are home and awake. Having these alarms can be a great comfort at night when you are sleeping, as they can let you know when your relative is attempting to leave the home in the middle of the night. It's important to remember that 60 percent of people with Alzheimer's will wander at some point, and having alarms in place can help prevent your loved one from wandering too far from home before you are able to intervene.

Appliance Locks And Covers

For some people with dementia, cooking can be a confusing and sometimes dangerous task. Your locksmith can help you install knob or control panel covers, which prevent your loved one from being able to use the stove or oven when you aren't there. Similarly, locks for large freezers and refrigerators can prevent injuries and food spoilage. Have your locksmith inspect the kitchen to identify any other dangers that can be remedied with locks and covers.

Intercom Systems

An intercom system can be a valuable tool for caregivers. You can use a system that lets you communicate with your loved one through your mobile device, which makes it even easier to check in when you can't be at home. Remember that you will have to spend some time helping your relative get used to speaking through the system, but you can still speak to him or her at any time, even if there is no response.

Your locksmith can help determine which preventative equipment is best for your loved one's home. You may also want to partner with the primary care physician for other ideas you can use to upgrade security and improve safety. 


24 April 2018

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