4 Critical Questions To Ask Before Choosing Steel Door Access Controls For Your Commercial Enterprise


Commercial businesses rely on steel doors fitted with various access control features to achieve higher security levels. If you have installed steel doors in your commercial premise, you can benefit from different access controls, including biometric locks, keyless locks, automatic door closures, access cards, key fobs, and biometrics, among others.

If you are looking into investing in such commercial steel door controls, there's a lot to consider. Please consider these four critical questions to ask before finding the ideal steel door controls for your commercial enterprise:

Can the Company Manage the Access Door Controls Effortlessly?

A vital factor to pay attention to is whether your company will have any challenges in implementing and using specific commercial steel door access controls. It would be pointless to invest in a system that's not user-friendly or intricate.

Besides, you must decide in advance who'll be entrusted as system managers and the type of access policies that should be established. These should encompass onboarding new staff and access revocation of a demoted team member. Additionally, set realistic goals concerning timeframes for door access control installation and policy enforcement.

What Functional Controls Should Your Company Integrate With the System?

The second thing to consider is defining the functional door controls suitable for your business. These may involve onsite, remote, or online-based access controls. Determine the areas you should give the highest priority to when it comes to security access. Make a rundown of options and access controls essential to enhance security in your commercial premise. They may include:

  • Fire detection and alarms
  • Remote monitoring via apps
  • Emergency exit notifications
  • Surveillance systems

How Much Traffic Can Your Door Access System Handle?

Finding the ideal commercial steel door access controls will depend primarily on how robust you need the system to be, and that may depend on several factors. They may include the employees requiring entry and traffic loads that can be managed at a given time. Depending on your business requirements, you may also need to consider issues, such as guest and delivery access permissions. Your door access controls should accommodate the entry point numbers in your premise while consolidating user credentials, time stamps, and entry access in one secure system.

Can You Quickly Upgrade and Service the Door Access Controls?

Finally, determine whether you may require upgrading or servicing your steel door access controls in the future. A reliable access control system should adapt seamlessly as your business needs grow and change. Besides, as technology evolves, you want your commercial business to keep up with the trend. Talk to a local locksmith to learn more about how to implement commercial steel door controls at your business.


8 April 2021

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