3 Reasons to Get a Duplicate Key for Your Teen's Car


The average teenage driver will not pick up a fancy ride for their first vehicle, and it is not uncommon for this first car to only come with one key or one set of keys. As proud as your new driver may be to have this set of keys to their very first car, it really is a good idea to pick up a duplicate set by visiting your local locksmith. You may assume that just one key to operate the car will be enough, but there are really good reasons to invest in key duplication. Check out some of those reasons below. 

Teenagers can be scatterbrained individuals. 

It is a common misconception that older people have more problems with memory and focus than teens, but that simply is not the case. The brain of an adolescent is actually growing at such a rapid rate that it can be less than efficient when it comes to memory and recall. Therefore, losing keys, locking keys in the car, and leaving keys behind should be totally expected behavior. As a parent, you will save yourself a lot of time and money later if you go ahead and pick up a duplicate set just in case. 

Teen drivers are not always the most responsible with their car. 

Imagine this scenario: Your teen calls near curfew. They've left their car parked at a friends house, but they have the key in their pocket and they're miles away. If they go get their car, they'll be out past curfew. In this kind of situation, if you have the extra set of keys, you can simply go pick up the car yourself and get your sometimes-not-so-responsible teen back to the house at a reasonable hour. If they have the only set of keys that exist to the car, you have no choice but to let them go retrieve the vehicle on their own. 

Teens are constantly needing a ride and avoiding parental interaction. 

Your ever-busy teenager has practice after school, but they didn't drive that morning. You have plans, so you can't pick them up when practice is over. If you have an extra set of keys, you can just drive their car to them and leave it. They can use their set of keys to get in and get home after practice is over. You won't even have to embarrass them in front of their friends by showing up at school to give them their keys or a ride.

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28 February 2019

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