Is Your Business Completely Protected? Three Safes You May Need


Every business has important physical assets they need to protect. The smart business owner does what they can to keep their building, equipment, and vehicles secure, but many forget to protect smaller but valuable assets in a safe. Here are three types of safes your business may need.

Deposit Safes

Even with more and people using their debit cards, most businesses generate at least some cash each day. That money needs to be secured at the close of each business day and entrusting an employee with the responsibility of getting it to the bank isn't a risk most employers—or employees—want to take.

A depository safe has either a slot or a drop-down bin that cash can be temporarily deposited into. Employees can only make deposits with a depository safe; they won't be able to access the contents of the safe unless they know the combination. You as the business owner can then remove the contents as need and deposit into your bank.

Security Safes

Any business that deals with highly valuable items needs to have a safe that will protect their valuables from criminals. Pawn shop owners frequently buy and sell rare coins, guns, and jewelry. A jewelry store owner also deals in jewelry as well as precious metals. It is extremely important their merchandise is secured at the close of business each day, and simply securing the store itself isn't good enough.

A security safe is a heavy-duty safe with a thick gauge of steel for added protection. Some security safes are built-in to the wall or floor. This provides an added measure of security because a thief cannot simply cart your safe off to open elsewhere. Gun safes are typically fitted with shelving and slots to secure rifles, handguns, and other firearms. Some gun store dealers even display their merchandise in open gun safes. This way, all they must do each night is close the safe doors and unlock them again in the morning.

Fire Safes

Some businesses don't have valuable merchandise they need to protect or cash they need to deposit, but every business has important documents that need to be protected from fire or other natural disasters. A fire safe will also keep these important things safe from being misplaced or lost.

Tax documents, titles, deeds, other safe combinations, and business records should all be safely stored in a fire safe. Businesses that have a lot of important papers and documents can opt for a filing cabinet fire safe.

Reach out to a place that offers wholesale safes for more information. 


5 November 2018

Improving Business Security

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