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Is A Keypad Lock Better Than The Regular Type? 4 Benefits To Consider


The keypad lock system allows entrance with numeric codes instead of a traditional key. In this case, you enter the code using a calculator-like pad. Further, the deadbolt only opens with the proper code. In most cases, batteries or a small electrical current are used to operate the devices. More so, after repeated wrong code entries, certain touchpads shut the door for a defined time. Here are some benefits of installing such a locking system.

26 January 2023

When And Why Do You Need Commercial Lock Repairs?


Your locks must be reliable to keep your business premises safe. Therefore, contact the professionals if you have a faulty lock. Commercial lock repairs come in handy to restore your original locks' operation without the need for a replacement. This article explores the modalities of commercial lock repairs. Situations That Call for Commercial Lock Repairs Accidents and degradation can cause faults in the components of your commercial door. Any lock malfunctions are better addressed early to ensure the issue doesn't escalate.

2 November 2022

How To Get A Car Key Replacement


Being locked out of your car because you have lost your keys can be frustrating. Many car owners in this situation need to contact an auto locksmith to cut a new key. One of the questions in a car owner's mind when replacing their car keys is whether they need spare keys to get a replacement. There is no need to have an original set of keys to get a replacement.

9 August 2022

Is It Easier To Re-Key Or Replace Your Locks?


How many times have you misplaced or lost your house keys? Like most people, you have probably lost your keys a couple of times. In such situations, you're often advised to calm down and think it through to avoid making rash decisions.  You might opt to re-key or replace the locks only to find the misplaced keys hidden in your bag or car. Therefore, calm down and try to search for your keys.

27 January 2022

Are Mobile Locksmith Services Worth It?


Losing or misplacing keys happens more often than anyone would like. It also happens at very inconvenient times when your options are limited. This is why local locksmiths offer mobile locksmith services.  Are these mobile services worth it? Yes, here is why. 24/7 Availability  Typically, most locksmiths have an opening and closing schedule. They will open early in the morning and close late in the evening. What happens if you misplace or lose your car, home, or office keys at midnight?

27 January 2022

Are CCTV Systems A Great Investment? See Why They Are


If you're a homeowner, you probably know how it's critical to maintain your home's security and keep everyone safe. This is true especially for individuals who have accumulated considerable wealth and have large families. Apart from homes, public areas, educational institutions, commercial spaces, and shops can also use CCTVs to thwart crimes. You can use the recordings as evidence in the court of law. In today's world, technological advancement has allowed property owners to use revolutionary night vision cameras for capturing any movement around their homes.

18 October 2021

3 Incredible Benefits Of Investing In Commercial Access Control Systems


Security should always be a priority when running a business, particularly if you deal with sensitive data or costly merchandise. That's why it's prudent to have a reliable means to regulate access to your commercial space, which is where access control systems come in. Commercial access control security systems restrict entry to designated areas. So, if you have a room with valuable items or sensitive information, the electronic system will only grant entry to persons with the right credentials.

28 June 2021

4 Critical Questions To Ask Before Choosing Steel Door Access Controls For Your Commercial Enterprise


Commercial businesses rely on steel doors fitted with various access control features to achieve higher security levels. If you have installed steel doors in your commercial premise, you can benefit from different access controls, including biometric locks, keyless locks, automatic door closures, access cards, key fobs, and biometrics, among others. If you are looking into investing in such commercial steel door controls, there's a lot to consider. Please consider these four critical questions to ask before finding the ideal steel door controls for your commercial enterprise:

8 April 2021

How Transponder Keys Are Improving Vehicle Security


The transponder key has been developed with the use of modern technology to provide a better alternative to a regular car key. Most modern vehicles require the use of transponder keys to start their engines and lock and unlock the doors. Many drivers have come to appreciate using transponder keys for their ease of use and the additional security that they provide. How Transponder Keys Work A transponder key consists of a small, handheld device with a computer chip that locks and unlocks a vehicle's doors with the push of a button.

16 December 2020

How A Commercial Locksmith Service Can Help You With Installing Locks In Your Business


If you own a business, then you probably understand the importance of installing locks within your commercial building. The good news is that a commercial locksmith can help you with installing locks in your commercial building. These are some of the ways that one of these professionals can help you out. Helping You Choose the Best Exterior Locks One of the primary things that you might be concerned about when it comes to installing locks on your commercial property is choosing good-quality exterior locks.

26 August 2020