Is It Easier To Re-Key Or Replace Your Locks?


How many times have you misplaced or lost your house keys? Like most people, you have probably lost your keys a couple of times. In such situations, you're often advised to calm down and think it through to avoid making rash decisions. 

You might opt to re-key or replace the locks only to find the misplaced keys hidden in your bag or car. Therefore, calm down and try to search for your keys. If you can't find the keys, contact local residential locksmiths for emergency lockout services. 

Once you have gained entry into your home, ask the residential locksmith if it's better to re-key or replace the locks. 

When to Re-key

Re-keying locks is usually easier and cheaper than replacing them. The residential locksmith will make alterations to the locking mechanism so that your old keys don't work. This option makes sense when you misplace your keys but have a spare key. 

For example, if you lose your house keys when entering your driveway or in your neighborhood, anyone who finds it might try to use them. If the individual is lucky and persistent enough to find your home, they'll use the key to gain access inside your residence. 

Once you re-key the locks, do they remain secure? This concern is often raised by homeowners as they think re-keying makes the locks more vulnerable to lock picking. Fortunately, re-keying doesn't alter the security provided by locks.

You can also request the residential locksmith to re-key all your locks to match one key. This only applies to similar brand and style locks. If not, opt for lock replacement, as you can choose your preferred lock type and style to match one key. 

When to Replace 

Alternatively, you can replace the locks instead of re-keying them. It's a pricier alternative, and you can't usually use a home kit for this. If you lose keys and don't have a spare, lock replacement works best. 

Lock replacement is superior in that it allows you to update your home's locks. For example, if you have been eyeing newer security technology, this is the chance to install those fancy locks. Also, as mentioned earlier, you need a spare key to re-key your locks. If not, the price of re-keying increases to a price similar to or greater than the replacement cost. 

Lock replacement also makes sense if your home has locks from different brands and you want to change the locks so that you can use a single key to open all the doors. Re-keying won't necessarily work since different lock brands have different opening mechanisms and key styles. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a locksmith for your home.


27 January 2022

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