Is A Keypad Lock Better Than The Regular Type? 4 Benefits To Consider


The keypad lock system allows entrance with numeric codes instead of a traditional key. In this case, you enter the code using a calculator-like pad. Further, the deadbolt only opens with the proper code. In most cases, batteries or a small electrical current are used to operate the devices. More so, after repeated wrong code entries, certain touchpads shut the door for a defined time. Here are some benefits of installing such a locking system.

Safer Environment

Hardware-wise, these locks deviate from conventional locks in a significant way. Furthermore, since they lack the cylinder mechanisms of standard designs, they are much more difficult to break into. Ultimately, this maintains utmost safety instead of taking your chances with keys that you may have to rekey or replace in case of an incident. Further, this locking mechanism allows you to modify the access details as you wish.

The System Is Cheap to Install

For the most part, standard doors can handle the installation of a keypad lock. Given this, there is no need for a new door installation, as this can drive up the cost. Ultimately, all you need is a sturdy frame, and a locksmith can install the lock system within a short duration. Further, you can opt for a battery-powered system, eliminating the need to re-adjust your door to accommodate a power-source connection.

Can Integrate with Existing Security Systems

You will be pleased to know that you can use a keypad lock as part of your existing control system. Even with the right code, businesses can block access during particular times. Enterprises can also install the entry system internally to limit those visiting certain areas of the building. Mostly, this benefits employers who want to restrict workers' movement between different parts of the premises without level clearance.

Easy to Install

Many business owners worry that installing this lock will necessitate extensive carpentry work on the door or frame, which may interfere with business hours. However, this is not the case with this lock system. Note that the keypads are as simple to install as normal locks, and you can use them on most conventional doors. Further, some don't need plugging into an electrical outlet, hence there is no need to alter your doors, especially on a rental premise. Ultimately, this allows you to select a custom-made lock system to suit your needs.

These are some benefits you should consider when installing a keypad locking mechanism. Remember, always call a commercial locksmith to handle your locks for the best outcome. With their help, you will get a system that guarantees the utmost safety. 

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26 January 2023

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