How To Get A Car Key Replacement


Being locked out of your car because you have lost your keys can be frustrating. Many car owners in this situation need to contact an auto locksmith to cut a new key. One of the questions in a car owner's mind when replacing their car keys is whether they need spare keys to get a replacement. There is no need to have an original set of keys to get a replacement. Here is all you will need if you don't have a spare key.

Gather Information About Your Car

A locksmith has to verify that the vehicle you want a replacement key for belongs to you. Therefore, you will need to present basic information like the car registration, model and make of the car, and vehicle identification number.

This information is also crucial for the locksmith to determine the appropriate key for your car. For example, the vehicle identification number is necessary to generate a code to help the locksmith cut the right key. Check the dashboard or the driver's door to find your car's identification number.

Determine Which Car Key You Want

Before reaching out to a locksmith, determine which car key you want. Car keys are tied to the vehicle they operate. Car keys differ depending on the make of the vehicle. For example, to replace a Toyota car key, the replacement key for a Mazda will not work. Check whether your car uses a transponder key, mechanical key, or key fob. 

Reason for a New Set of Keys

Losing your car's keys isn't the only reason you may want a replacement. Other reasons for replacing your keys include:

  • A non-functional car key
  • Worn-out key fob
  • Internal damage to the keyless remote or key fob

Also, you may want to replace your car keys if the car's lock is damaged. Make sure you contact your auto locksmith with details about why you want a new set of keys.

Cost of Replacing the Key

When replacing your car key, you need to research the cost. For older models, you will pay a small price. However, newer models can be more expensive. It is especially costly to replace car keys with fobs, chips, or transponders. The cost will also depend on how many keys you want. For example, if a spouse or friend also handles the car, you may need to cut two keys. Make sure you solicit quotes from different car key locksmiths to find the best price in the market.

For more information about car key replacement, contact a local locksmith.


9 August 2022

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