How To Fix Push Button Knob Locks


A push button door knob lock is commonly installed on the inside of office doors or bedroom doors for privacy, and they don't require a key, but most have a spare key.

However, you may find them not working properly, which compromises security. These tips will help you fix your push button door knob lock.

Prepare to Fix the Lock

To fix the push button lock, gather:

  • rags
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • flat-blade screwdriver or small hammer
  • flat-edge jeweler's screwdriver
  • old toothbrush
  • Allen wrench
  • paper clip or hairpin
  • acetone
  • graphite 

Test the knob by wiggling it to see if it will come loose. If the latch doesn't fall off, and the metal plate moves, it could indicate a loose knob. Use the screwdriver to tighten the screws, and try the lock again. 

Remove the Lock

If the knob isn't loose, or it doesn't have screws, proceed to remove it to check internal components. Detach the screws with a screwdriver, and pull out both sides of the knob. 

Remove the strike plate in the same manner, using the flat-blade screwdriver to pry it off, if needed. or knobs that have an escutcheon (cover plate)covering the screws, use an Allen wrench to detach it.  

For locks without screws, look for a small hole or indentation in the shank, and slide the flat-blade screwdriver tip into it. Pull on the screwdriver to dislodge the knob, and pull it from the door. Release the button by pressing on it with the flat-blade screwdriver tip or tapping it gently with a small hammer, and push the button with a small hammer to release the springs.

Clean the Lock

Lay the parts on a flat surface, wipe the rod and bolt with a rag, and dab some graphite on the bolt mechanism. Use an old toothbrush and nail polish remover to scrub grime from the button. Repeat the process until the bolt slides freely.

Reattach the inner door knob, and tighten the screws. Dab the lock with some graphite from the outer side of the door, try turning the key, if applicable, and then push the button. 

Fix Knobs That Won't Unlock

Unbend a paper clip until it is straight out, and insert it into the hole in the middle of the knob. Keep one hand on the  knob, and rotate it until you hear it click. 

If the clip doesn't work, try pushing a hairpin into the key hole, and twist it to the right until you hear a click. Alternately, insert the flat tip of the jeweler's screwdriver under the seam between the door plate and door edge, then move it up and down until you get a click. Contact a locksmith for more help.


23 January 2018

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