Increasing Security Around Your Swimming Pool


Having a swimming pool can be a great way to relax with family and friends, but as a homeowner, you'll want to make sure you can adequately secure the area when you aren't swimming. This can help prevent potential accidents and drownings, particularly from neighborhood children who might sneak into your pool when no one else is around. Here are a few ways your residential locksmith can help you secure the area around your pool.

Security Cameras

Security cameras can be a deterrent for neighbors who might want to use your pool when you aren't home. Select a camera system that connects to your smartphone so you can keep an eye on your pool and yard, even when you are at work or on vacation. Have the cameras positioned over the pool's entrance as well as the area surrounding the pool. Should you spot intruders, you can turn the footage in to the police if you feel it is necessary.

Gate Locks

If you have a fence around your pool, you may want to consider adding reinforced locks. You can choose a keypad system, which requires you to enter a pass code to gain entrance to the pool area. This means you won't have to worry about losing the key when you go swimming. You can also assign different codes to each member of your family, and some lock systems even let you monitor who uses the code to get in throughout the day. Pair the lock with your security system so your monitoring company can be notified when someone unsuccessfully attempts to enter a pass code.

Motion Lights

Motion lights can startled and scare off after-hours visitors to your pool. Consider having your locksmith install lights that can be turned on with a switch when you want to go for a late-night dip. These multi-function lights can also be switched to motion-sensing mode to provide added security around the pool area when you aren't home. You can install them on the exterior of your home and garage to illuminate the entire backyard, which also provides added security for your home. With the entire yard illuminated when someone enters, there are fewer places for potential burglars to hide in the shadows.

Talk to your residential locksmith about your pool security concerns, and have him or her inspect the rest of your home as well. Together, you can come up with a security plan that keeps your family safe around the pool as well as when they are inside your home. For more information, contact companies like Global Lock and Key.


19 January 2018

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