Hire A Commercial Locksmith To Make It Easier To Flee Your Workplace


You likely don't ever want to think about a fire or other life-threatening emergency causing your employees to flee your workplace, but if this day ever arrives, you need to be sure that they can get out with ease. While conducting fire drills is a good way to be proactive, you also need to be sure that there are physical things that help people exit the premises quickly. This is where a local commercial locksmith comes in. More than just someone to change your locks, a commercial locksmith is an asset when it comes to making it easier for people to exit your workplace in an emergency. Here are some things that this professional can do.

Install Exit Signs

Illuminated exit signs are a must, even if people know where the building's doors are. When there's an emergency, panic is a big issue — and when someone is panicking, he or she may have trouble safely getting to an exit. A commercial locksmith can install an illuminated exit sign above each door in your location, making it easier to safely get outside, even if the building has smoke in it.

Install Crash Bars

During an emergency, you don't want your employees to have to turn doorknobs or forget whether a door opens inward or outward. Doing so, especially while panicking, can potentially waste valuable seconds, and this could have devastating consequences. Your local commercial locksmith can install crash bars on all of your workplace's doors. A crash bar is a horizontal bar that runs across the door, roughly at hip height. Pushing on the crash bar with your hands or your body will unlatch it, and the pressure that you use to push the bar will have the door swinging open as soon as the latch withdraws. These devices are integral for getting your employees out in an emergency.

Install Alarmed Panic Bars

Alarmed panic bars are similar to crash bars in design, in that they're a horizontal bar on the inside of a door. The difference is that these bars are attached to the building's alarm system, which means that as soon as the bar is pressed to open the door, your alarm will sound. A commercial locksmith who also specializes in security solutions can install these bars for you on select doors — ideally, a door that people don't need to use, but that can provide an escape route in an emergency.

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19 January 2018

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