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Home security of the past used to mean making sure you locked the doors and windows when you left the house and before you went to bed at night. However, things have changed and criminals are becoming smarter and more desperate. Plus, they now have technology on their side when it comes to making it even easier for them to figure out how they are going to victimize their next target. This has led to the need for people to learn more about their home's security if they want to know they are doing what they can. Here are some important home security tips, as well as other safety tips you want to follow:

Protect your credit cards

There are small devices criminals can carry on them that will steal your credit card information right out of your purse or wallet if they get the reading device close enough. There are wallets now that are designed to prevent this by blocking the criminal's device from being able to access the information they are trying to steal. These protective wallets aren't expensive in most cases, but they are well worth the purchase.

Protect your pin number

When you enter your pin number at the cash register, you probably cover your hand while doing it, so no one else can see what your pin is. However, there are now heat sensing devices criminals are using to detect which buttons were last pressed on these machines. This means the person standing behind you may use this device to figure out your pin. You can prevent this by making sure you run your fingers over all of the buttons once before you finally walk away from the register.

Don't let your keys be photographed

There are now 3D printers. These printers make it so a person can take a picture of your key, have their 3D printer make a duplicate key and then use that key to walk right into your home. Therefore, it's best to keep your keys concealed while you are out and about.

Have a high-tech security system installed in your home

You should have a good system put in your home that has high definition cameras and that you can access remotely from your laptop or smartphone. This way, you always know what's happening at home.

Have a locksmith check your entire home out – Locksmiths have to stay up to date on the recent happenings with locks and security. Therefore, they are a great source to turn to when it comes to learning where your home may need improvements. A locksmith can go from room to room and make sure you have good locks, strong doors and frames and even make sure that your safe is in good working order.

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17 January 2018

Improving Business Security

There are a lot of things that I am incredibly patient with, but employee theft is not one of those things. Unfortunately, a few months ago I discovered that some of my employees were stealing, and it was really difficult to cope with. I knew that I had to do something to tighten things up, so I began going through and thinking about different ways to eliminate the issue. After improving record keeping and focusing on building security, things got a lot better really fast. I wanted to start a blog all about improving business so that you would know how to keep your company safe.